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About Happy Trails Pickleball

Happy Trails Pickleball Club - Quick Information Guide


The Happy Trails Pickleball Club (HTPC) is a not-for-profit association recognized as a 501(c)7 organization with the following goals:

From it's articles of association: Happy Trails Pickleball Club is organized exclusively for the nonprofit purposes of promoting of the sport of pickleball within the Happy Trails Resort and the surrounding community.

From it's By-Laws: To provide, for residents (owners and renters) of Happy Trails Resorts, a fun, healthy, recreational, and social activity for all Happy Trails residents (owners and renters) and guests.

The association is recognized as a charter club with the Happy Trails Resort. The club maintains court schedules and rules, and contributes to the maintenance of the courts for the community. The club also provides lessons, balls, tournaments, and other scheduled functions throughout the season.


The dues year runs from November 1 thru October 31 of the following year. The dues are currently $20/yr for an individual or $35/yr for a couple at the same lot number. The Dues may be paid by filling out a dues envelope located in the mailboxes located at either the Town Center or Cascade courts and inserting the envelope, with enclosed funds, into the slot in the mailbox or by mailing to the treasurer.  The dues may be changed at the annual meeting in March.


The club has regular monthly meetings from October thru April usually held during the second or third week of each month. Please consult the club calendar for the exact dates and location. The days may change due to other functions and tournaments. Special meetings may be scheduled upon the request of enough members or by the Club President. For official business, a quorum is 10% of the members currently residing in Happy Trails and 1 officer.


 The club officers are elected by the membership at the annual meeting each year in March with their terms beginning April 1 after their election. The Treasurer and Secretary are each elected for 2 year terms in alternate years. The elected Vice-President serves for 1 year as VP then automatically succeeds as President the following year. The Executive Committee consists of the four officers, President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, and other members appointed by the President. The immediate Past President may serve as a consultant to the Board.  The Board's basic duties are defined in the By-Laws. The Executive committee may act on behalf of the membership subject to ratification at the next regularly scheduled or special meeting.

Web Access:

The website has two major portions: the part visible to everyone (the public) and a members area. The "Members Area" contains the current membership roster, rosters for the previous year, meeting minutes, historical documents, and other functions to communicate, schedule events, reserve courts and manage the club. To gain access to this area, you must apply for access with a user-id and password. Access will be granted if the person is a current dues paid member. Access for a membership year November thru October is usually allowed thru December of the ending year for members that do not return to the park until January.