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The Happy Trails Pickleball Club is a 500-member-strong club providing both competitive and for-fun pickleball for residents of Happy Trails and their overnight guests. Enrollment is October 1 to April 30.  ...Scroll down for first time NEW Member Enrollment info..  

For club info contact:  Doug Smook 719-491-2001

RENEWAL?  If you know it, just use last season's logon info and pay your dues in the Membership envelope!  DONE!  If not, click Renew Membership (on left) and follow instructions in.  Pay dues in Dues Envelope at court mailboxes. (You have web access except for Reservations until Jan 1 without dues payment. After Nov 1, no club play without dues payment.)


Dues for the Season are only $25. 00 per person; $45.00 per couple/partners residing at the same HT Lot.  Due starting Nov 1, annually.  Current members for 5 years who turn 80 by Dec 31 of the renewal year may choose non-voting, free membership.

NEW???  How To Enroll 

Between October 1 and April 30, request membership by (1) BEST, complete and return your dues and membership envelope with your dues payment to the Court Mailbox and we'll enter it.  OR  (2) click  NEW MEMBER SIGN-UP button (on left), fill in the Member profile information and Save. Then pick up a Membership/DUES envelope in MAILBOX at the courts, fill it out, enclose your dues and return the envelope to the lower slot in the MAILBOX.   PLEASE DO NOT DO BOTH.         Your enrollment will be registered starting Nov 1 and a confirmation email will follow with your logon ID and password. 


We have lessons for Beginners to get you started.. If you love the game and want Advanced Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced lessons, join and they are available at no charge.  We also have drills, skills and thrills sessions and great tournaments, both serious and just for fun, during each season. 

Who do I play with?

We have round robin from 7am-11am daily at TC Courts for Beginner, Novice and Recreational players.  At the same time at CC Courts, we have competitive and aggressive round robin.  Throughout the week there are many club sanctioned groups of similar skill levels that play. Attend groups that suit your skill level. A great way to have enjoyable play at your level.  It's win-win for everyone!


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