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Pickleball Rules







  1.  The Non-Member rules, below, apply to Members for same-day and next day sign up.
  2.  Members may sign up online 2 to 7 days in advance for available courts on the HT PB Website, htpickleball.org
  3. Members bringing in outside guests are limited to a 1 to 1 ratio (HT Residents to players outside HT) on a court.       Exceptions: Family members not limited, and a member may bring 3 visitors who may play on court 4 of either venue.
  4. Online sign up is not available for court use today or tomorrow..  Each day the sign up sheet for the next day will be printed and posted at the courts by 5pm. At 6 am each day, the online system opens one more day for advance sign up giving you up to 7 days advance online sign up.  Ex:  Monday starting at 6 am you may reserve a court as far out as the following Monday.
  5. Members may sign up for one court each day for 1 or 2 consecutive hours.                                                                            
  6. Current members may receive online access when dues are paid.  Go to the HT Pickleball website, htpickleball.org, login at Member Login and go to COURT RESERVATIONS button on the right side of the screen.                                                            
  7. Members may participate in Club Sanctioned activities as defined. (See Activity Sheets.)
  8. Members may sign up for classes for their skill level at Town Center courts.  (See Lesson Sign up sheets.)



  1. Only HT residents (owners or renters and their overnight guests) may sign up for a court.
  2. Round Robin from 7-11am daily is restricted to members and their overnight adult guests only, from Nov. 1 to April 30th.  Non club members can play Round Robin from May 1 to October 31st.
  3. Evening "Drop in" (show up, rotate into an open court in a fair and reasonable manner to share the courts) is available to residents and their overnight guests, whether members or non-members.
  4. Same-day and next day sign up sheets are posted at the PB courts. 
  5. Residents may sign up for available courts each day beginning at 5pm the day before, when the sign up sheet is posted.
  6. The person signing up for the court must be present for others to play.
  7. Sanctioned club activities are shown on the daily schedule.  These are for members, unless otherwise specified.  If not all courts are being used by Sanctioned play, you may use the open court, but must relinquish it if it is needed by the Sanctioned Activity.
  8. Courts not reserved for Sanctioned PB Club activities are available for sign up.
  9. Courts signed up are held for ten minutes.  After ten minutes, if there is a No-Show, the court is open for sign up.
  10. Beginner PB lessons are posted and are available for all residents and their overnight guests.  Sign ups for Beginner classes posted at Town Center courts; please bring $1.00 to help cover ball cost.
  11. Please wear non-marking shoes on the courts.
  12. Court hours are 7AM to 9PM October 1 to April 30; 6AM to 9PM May 1 to September 30.  No lights after 9PM.

HT Community Association Rules and Regulations require the following of us:


Happy Trails Resort is not, and was not, established as a public "RV park."  Please help us to maintain and improve our Resort, our environment, and our lifestyle by adhering to these simple Rules and Regulations.

**Part 3.5. Common Areas. Residents, Guests and Visitors are expected to maintain the Common Area facilities in a clean,  neat and orderly manner.  Please remember that Common Area facilities are for the use of the Residents.  Although  Guests and Visitors are extended the Privilege to use them, the privilege is subject to revocation if misused or abused.

**Part 4.2 Registration. Residents, Renters, Guests and Visitors must register at the Patrol Station upon arrival at  Happy Trails Resort. Residents shall ensure that their Guests & Visitors Register at the Patrol Station upon arrival at the  Resort.

PLEASE MAKE FAIR AND REASONABLE USE OF OUR HT COURTS.  There are 2000 resident lots sharing these courts, with up to 500 members in the HT Pickleball Club.  THANK YOU.


HT PB Club enrollment envelopes are located at the courts for all residents.  Annual dues are $25 per individual or $45 per couple.  Welcome!  We look forward to you joining our fun-filled club (pot lucks, dinner-dances, PB lessons beyond Beginner level, Fun tournaments, sanctioned events where you meet other members and players at your skill level are ready to play or do drills with you, and lots of volunteer opportunities.)  We want you!



 Happy Trails Pickleball Club

  • Approved March 17,2014; 1 to 1 Rule:
    • One Happy Trails Pickleball Club member and one outsider rule will be made permanent until changed by a vote of the Happy Trails Pickleball Club membership.  This rule applies from Oct 1 of each year and ends on May 1 of each year. A Happy Trails Pickleball Club Member may invite up to 3 guests limited to 1 court at Town Center or Cascade.  Only court 4 at Cascade or Town Center may be used for this purpose, when available. 

      EXCLUSION: This rule does not apply to immediate members of a resident family who are in the resort for a short period.


      Happy Trails Pickleball Club Members who are violating this rule shall be subject to the following:

      First Offense: A written notice will be delivered to the Happy Trails Pickleball Club member by two members of the HTPC appointed by the Court Usage Committee chairman.  The warning letter shall state the rule and penalties if violated again. Second Offense: The Happy Trails Pickleball Club member shall have his sign up privileges suspended for a period of 30 days.  Third Offense: The Happy Trails Pickleball Club member shall be suspended from on line sign up for a period of one year.


      The Happy Trails Pickleball Club member can appeal to the COURT USAGE COMMITTEE.  The chairman of that committee shall appoint four members to sit with him to hear the appeal.  Their ruling is final.